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"How can I sell my Mobile Home for Cash in Killeen?"

Sell Your Mobile Home Cash in Killeen, TX

Mobile Bye Bye is a Mobile Home Buyer operating in and around Central Texas. We buy mobile homes in Killeen and surrounding areas including Harker Heights, Temple, Copperas Cove, Lampasas, Gatesville, and Waco. 

We are different from other investors and pride ourselves on our core values of being friendly, fast, and professional. We provide cash offers for homes but also provide other purchase offers that other investors just don’t bother with. We go above and beyond to provide additional options to our clients along with professional advice. Even if we don’t buy your home, we want the best solution for you. 

What Does It Mean to Sell Your Mobile Home for Cash?

You may have seen a sign on the side of the road saying “We Buy Homes for Cash” or “We Buy Mobile Homes For Cash” or “Sell Your Home For Cash”! Have you ever stopped to think about what that means? The first time I read a sign that said they would buy a property for cash, I immediately pictured a real estate agent handing over a briefcase of cash to me for my home. Is that how Mobile Bye Bye buys homes? 

Will Mobile Bye Bye hand me actual cash at closing for my mobile home? Technically, no. What we mean by “cash” is that it’s not debt. 

Home values are generally large and the typical home buyer doesn’t usually have enough cash in their savings or checking account to purchase a home outright. That’s where bank financing comes in. Banks will loan the money to a homeowner to purchase a new home. This is pretty straightforward when buying a stick-built house or even a brand new mobile home. However, bank financing gets much more challenging with used mobile homes. 

Why Won't Banks Lend Against Used Mobile Homes?

  • Older mobile homes depreciate very quickly. A mobile home that’s just a few years old will be worth significantly less than a new mobile home. This means there is less equity left over to secure a loan against. Banks are less likely to loan money on a used mobile home.
  • Valuing a used mobile home is difficult. It’s easy to value a new mobile home because it’s the price the home is selling for new. But used mobile home prices vary greatly based on condition. This makes it harder for banks to accurately value the home and feel confident they aren’t lending too much for a particular home. 
  • Mobile homes have much more risk associated with them. Mobile homes can be moved! Sadly, some shady borrowers who have gotten behind on payments and stolen the mobile home in an attempt to resell have caused banks to lose money. This inherit risk means banks are less likely to provide mortgages on a mobile home. 

How Does Selling a Mobile Home for Cash Work Then?

When Mobile Bye Bye makes a “cash-offer” on your home, it means we will pay you in full for your home on the day of closing without the use of a bank or financing. There are multiple ways to transfer money to you, the seller. Generally Title Companies prefer to securely wire funds directly into your bank account. However, some sellers prefer to receive a certified cashiers check. 

At the end of the day, we want the seller to feel comfortable and secure about whichever form of payment we set up. This is because we stand behind our core value of being professional. 

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We Buy Mobile Homes in Killeen, TX

Killeen is a town located in Central Texas and is most well known for he Fort Hood Military located in the city. Often referred to as a military “boom town” because of it’s rapid growth primarily from the military. Killeen is also home of the Mayborn Science Center, Lions Club Park, and Temple Lake Park. 

Unable to Move Your Mobile Home from Killeen and need to sell? We can help!

✔  Our Mobile Home movers are licensed and insured. We will only move your home after pulling all necessary city, county, and state permits. 

✔  We buy mobile homes for cash and can close quickly. You will be paid before leaving closing!

✔ Friendly first, fast, and professional!

How Much Can I Get For My Mobile Home?

You will receive 100% of the cash offer amount at closing. Our offers do not include any hidden fees, closing costs, commissions, or other costs not explicitly discussed before closing. That’s just one of the reasons our clients love working with us! We are up-front and aim to simplify mobile home transactions. 

Other offers pack in unnecessary closing costs, expensive realtor commissions, and fees that are confusing. Our quotes will be for the cash price offered to you and will be the exact amount of cash you will walk away with at the end of closing. Please note, we don’t have more power than the government so you will be responsible for paying income tax that are applies to you as you would with any sale of a car or home. 🙂 +

But the question remains, how much actual cash will you receive for your mobile home? That question can be answered as soon as we receive a few details of your mobile home. Each manufactured home is unique and prices will vary greatly depending on those factors. So it’s important we get you the highest price possible for your quote. Simply fill out an inquiry below and our team will get busy building your quote today!


Factors We Consider When Valuing You Mobile Home

  • Manufactured Date
  • Condition of AC/Furnace 
  • Condition of exterior (roof, walls, foundation, skirting, windows, doors)
  • Condition of interior (floors, walls, counters, cabinets, sinks, baths, doors, windows)
  • Make/Model
  • # of Beds / Baths
  • Square Footage
  • Dimensions (length and width)
  • Is the Mobile Home in a Park or on Land? 
  • Does the Mobile Home need moved?
  • Location (county, city, park, neighborhood)
  • Condition of Septic, plumbing, electrical
Every manufactured home is different and it’s important to include all the details that may affect the price of your home. 

What We Do

We provide multiple purchase options for Mobile Home Owners. Yes, we provide cash offers for mobile home owners. But we do so much more! We also provide removal services for homes that need removed. We help park managers fix up old mobile homes or replace them with new ones. We also offer tax-deferred buy outs. In short, we provide some of the most unique purchase options for sellers to consider and go above and beyond typical investors. 

Buy For Cash

Our Cash Offers are exactly the amount you will receive at closing. No hidden fees or closing costs and definitely NO COMMISSIONS!

Tax Deferred Buy Outs

Want an option that gives you even more money in the bank and less money going to taxes? Ask about our tax-deferred buy out options.

Remove Old Mobile Homes

Do you just need an old mobile home removed from your land yesterday? We can help remove mobile homes!

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We simplify the selling process for you. 

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Want to close when it’s convenient for you? Of course you do! That’s why we let you decide when is the best time to close and will even bring closing docs and notary to you!

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