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Ways_To_Sell My Mobile Home

Ways to Sell My Mobile Home

We work with many mobile home and manufactured home owners who would like to sell their property. We do our best to help everyone who contacts us even if they decide not to work with us! We truly want what’s best for our clients first.

Often our clients are looking to sell their property because they got a new job and need to move, are buying a bigger home, are downsizing, or other exciting reason! Some of our clients are in situations and simply need help. Maybe they lost their job and need to move, would like to move and can’t because they are stuck in a long-term lease within a mobile home park, or have decided to rent and take their equity out in cash. The good new is, we help mobile home owners sell their property regardless of situation and have many options! 

Below is a list of options that aim to answer the question: How can I sell my mobile home? There are many options to sell your mobile home. You can sell yourself (For Sale By Owner), Sell to your park (if applicable), get help from a Realtor to sell on MLS, sell to directly an investor, sell directly to Mobile Bye Bye. Below are the pros/cons for each of those options and things to consider when making this decision. 

We will start with the steps that require the most effort first and end with options that require less work. 

1) Sell Yourself! - FSBO

This option by far requires the most effort. But if you are ambitious and have the time, this can be very rewarding and may get you a higher cash out than other options below. 

Before marketing your property, you will want to make sure to read our blog 5 Things to Do Before Putting Your Mobile Home on the Market in Austin, TX. This lists out items to do to prepare your mobile home for sale. Once finished, you can move on to market your property, negotiate with potential buyers, and hopefully accept an offer you are happy with! You’ll want to work with a Title Company, your bank, and your local authorities to make sure you are transferring the property legally and safely. 

When selling your mobile home yourself, there are three main types of end buyers. 

A) Conventional Financing Buyers

If your home is over $30,000, chances are end buyers won’t enough cash to purchase your home outright. They will need financing. Sadly, bank financing is often difficult to get on mobile homes, especially if your home is more than a couple years old. If you currently have a mortgage on your property, your end buyer may be able to work with your bank directly to take over payments or get a new loan. 

Cash Buyers (end buyers, not investors)

If your home is $25,000 or less, there’s a higher chance you could find an end buyer who is able to purchase and pay cash in full for your mobile home. Here at Mobile Bye Bye, we provide multiple purchase options to our customers. So make sure you receive a free quote for your mobile home before selling to any end buyer to make sure you are accepting the highest offer for your mobile home!

Payment Buyers (end buyers, not investors)

A third option is to sell your home on payments to an end buyer. If your home is higher in value, or your end buyer doesn’t have enough cash up front, you can accept a down payment, sign a lien agreement, and sell your property on terms. While this is an option, we strongly suggest you properly vet your end buyer, have a strong legal agreement in place, and be prepared to go through the worst case scenario if your buyer ends up not paying and you have to take legal action. This is never fun!

2) Sell to Your Park (sometimes)

One option that often gets overlooked by our clients is the option to sell to their mobile home park community. This doesn’t work in all parks but some parks are more friendly and able to help sell the property for you or even purchase the property directly. Park Owners and Park Managers want their parks full! So often they are willing to help. Simply give your manager a call and ask if this is an option. Again, please remember, even if your park offers to purchase the home from you, request a quote in writing and time to compare other offers. Then, make sure to get a free quote from Mobile Bye Bye so you can compare offers. 


3) Sell Through Realtor

This is the most well known approach to selling your home. Realtors can be found in any city in America and are often very experienced in selling traditional homes. Its harder to find Realtors who specialize in Used Manufactured Home Sales. If your home is older, it may be harder to find a Realtor who wants to put in the effort to properly market your property and get the highest price. 

Assuming you are able to find a Realtor who can help, we recommend reading our blog 5 Things to Do Before Putting Your Mobile Home on the Market in Austin, TX. A good Realtor will want you to make repairs and prepare your home in order to compete with other homes on the market. 

Sadly, many customers come to Mobile Bye Bye after attempting to use a Realtor with disappointing results. Some were told their homes would sell quickly and they didn’t or the Realtor got busy with higher priced homes and didn’t put in the effort to sell the smaller priced mobile home. When working with Realtors make sure to confirm they are experienced selling used mobile homes (ask to see previously sold homes!) and make sure to only sign a short-term contract (nothing more than 30 days!) so you have the freedom to sell yourself if the Realtor doesn’t perform. 

4) Sell to Investor (other than Mobile Bye Bye)

Mobile Bye Bye is an investment firm. Normally, we provide cash offers to purchase homes directly. This means you get to skip to the head of the line when it comes to selling your home because you already have a buyer! We don’t require any repairs to be made, upgrades to be implemented, or even a cleaning! We purchase homes as-is for cash. There are other investors in our industry though and we encourage our clients to get as many quotes as possible! Just make sure you understand the contracts, stipulations, and agreements you are signing up for. 

5) Sell to Mobile Bye Bye

We pride ourselves at providing mobile home sale solutions that are FAST, EASY, and PROFESSIONAL! Selling your mobile home to Mobile Bye Bye should be the easiest home transaction you ever make. We also want to go above and beyond every other investor and provide our clients with options. That’s why we provide multiple purchase options. When you work with Mobile Bye Bye, you get to chose the option that’s best for you. Below are ways we make the sale of your mobile home fast, easy, and professional. 

At Mobile Bye Bye, we provide the following: 

a) We Make Purchase Offers: Most of the time, we want to purchase your home and will provide options to purchase directly. 

b) Multiple Purchase Options: yes, we will provide an all-cash offer. But sometimes clients want higher values for their home. Are you willing to take payments over time? If so, we can offer you a tax-deferred purchase option. This way you get a higher end price and also get taxes spread out over many months and sometimes years!

c) FAST closing: we are able to close fast. When you sell through a Realtor, it may take a month to get an offer and then another month waiting for bank inspections, delays, and closing. Sometimes that even falls through! We don’t think that’s a good way to plan. When you work with Mobile Bye Bye, our closings can often take less than a week. 

d) EASY transactions: we aren’t trying to nickel and dime our clients with inspection fees, complex agreements, and negotiations. We want to make this process easy and pride ourselves in doing that. 

e) Professional: we are professionals! We do this for a living and your satisfaction, along with our reputation, is very important to us. 

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