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Sell My Mobile Home Fast

Maybe you’ve tried selling your mobile home through a realtor just to be disappointed with the lack of results and inability to “sell my mobile home”, or the fees, or the time it took just to find out it didn’t actually sell for what you were hoping for. Or maybe you’ve put in the effort to try and renovate your mobile home in hopes to sell your mobile home for a higher price and unexpected life events took your time and energy away from the project leaving you with a burden of a home. Or maybe you heard about Mobile Bye Bye from a friend or family member and are curious about other options available in selling your mobile home. Regardless of the reason you are here, we want to first and foremost be a service to you. Our goal is to provide solutions to our clients even if they chose to sell to someone else. We will always aim to point you in the right direction even if that’s not working with us! 

Dear Mobile Bye Bye: "How can I sell my mobile home?"

We get calls from frustrated mobile home owners every day asking us “How can I sell my mobile home?” Sadly, it’s not uncommon for mobile home owners to call us confused, frustrated, for down right panicked that they are having so much trouble selling their mobile home. Selling a mobile home is not as easy as selling a stick-built home! There are many challenges that mobile home owners face that simply don’t apply to other types of real estate. We’ve put the below resource together as a very brief overview in an attempt to quickly answer the question “how can I sell my mobile home?” But please know, this is not comprehensive. Every mobile home owner’s situation is different and unique. If you find yourself in a situation that is unique, please feel free to call or email us today. We are here to help!

Make Sure to Get an "As-Is" Quote BEFORE making repairs!

Remember, ALWAYS get a Free “As-Is” Quote for you mobile home BEFORE spending money on renovating. If your renovated price isn’t significantly higher than your “As-Is” offer, you may choose not to waste time and money renovating!

How hard is it to sell my mobile home?

There are challenges that mobile home owners face that are unique compared to other types of real estate. Below are 5 questions to ask yourself before you try to sell my mobile home. 

Is your Mobile Home on Land or in a Park? 

Has my mobile home depreciated more than my mortgage has gone down? 

Does my mobile home need to be moved? 

What condition is my mobile home in? 

What condition are the homes surrounding my mobile home? 

If you’re asking yourself “how can I sell my mobile home?”, you’ll also need to answer these questions first. 

Am I ready and able to sell my mobile home?

Selling a mobile home has just as much do to about the owner as it does the home. Your situation will greatly impact what options you have when selling your mobile home. Before you make a decision on “how to sell my mobile home?”, make sure to take an inventory of your current situation. 

Do I have the time to sell my mobile home myself? 

Typically it takes 3-6 months to sell a mobile home assuming it’s priced right, marketed right, staged right, sold right, and closed right. It can take a lot longer and some places it can take less time if the market is right. But generally, it takes a minimum of 3 months to sell a mobile home from start to finish. (Note, as you’ll see below, Mobile Bye Bye closes on mobile homes in 7-10 business days! That’s right, in about a week, you could have money in your bank and be free of your burden! Keep reading to find out how)

Do I have the expertise, knowledge, and skill to safely sell my mobile home to someone else? 

Knowing how to sell a mobile home legally and effectively requires a lot of knowledge and skill. We recommend using a Title Company if you are trying to sell on your own. But you’ll still need to know how to market, sell, negotiate, and close the right buyer at the right price. That’s a little harder to outsource. 

Do I have the finances to sell my mobile home through a realtor or park manager? 

Realtors can be costly and parks generally don’t pay much for mobile homes. These are viable options but you’ll want to keep reading to see other options . 

Do I have the energy to negotiate with potential sellers? 

Selling a mobile home on your own means you are responsbile for communicating which takes time and energy. Luckly, if you are good at this, you can save yourself some money!

Do I have the money and time needed to wait for my mobile home to sell? 

This is the question we see overlooked the most! If you are considering selling a mobile home on your own, make sure to consider the time and the money associated with waiting.

How should I sell my mobile home?

In our blog article “Ways to Sell Your Mobile Home“, we cover the 5 most common ways to sellers attempt to sell their mobile home. Below is a quick snapshot of a few of the more common ways to sell your mobile home. 

Sell My Mobile Home On My Own (FSBO)
Difficulty: 100 Time Needed: 6-9 months Cost: Varies

Selling a mobile on your own is the most challenging approaches you can take when selling a mobile home. Sites like help but throwing your home up on a website is just one tiny piece of puzzle. 

Make Necessary Renovations

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to preparing your mobile home including getting the home in a “sellable” condition. First are renovations. These can be costly so make sure to only focus on the most important items. We list 5 things to do before putting your mobile home on the market

Stage Home Professionally

Once renovations and repairs are made, you need to stage the home, take professional photos, list on buyers sites, field inbound seller leads and questions, show the home, negotiate with potential buyers, identify a qualified buyer, go through the closing process to legally and securely transfer the home and funds. It can be exhausting but if you have the time, energy, and know-how, you can definitely save thousands of dollars going this route but be careful, you may not be saving as much as you think when you factor in the time and energy required.

Sell My Mobile Home Using a Realtor
Difficulty: 25 Time Needed: 6-9 months Cost: 3-10% commissions + closing costs

Selling a mobile with a realtor is the most common approach we hear owners consider. After all, homes get sold every day with realtors! Sometimes, this may actually be the best route to take and at Mobile Bye Bye, we aren’t afraid to recommend some clients to go this route if it’s the best option for them. Remember, we want the best solution for our customers not ourselves. If using a realtor is truly the best option, then we will tell you! But we have found that it is often very challenging to find a mobile home realtor who can quickly get a mobile home sold and also be cost effective.

Traditional Realtors vs TDHCA Brokers like Mobile Bye Bye

Traditional Realtors focus on higher priced homes or new mobile homes being installed on land. This is because banks can finance on those properties and they bring a higher price tag. Since commissions are a percentage of the overall sale price, the realtor fee will be higher. If your mobile home is below $100k, chances are most realtors aren’t going to be able to help you. However, many realtors may say they will “list” your mobile home for you meaning they will put it on the MLS. Sadly, we get calls from owners who come to use after their home has come unsold after months sitting on the MLS.

Listing Mobile Home on MLS

Why do mobile homes don’t sell on the MLS? There can be many reasons but the two main reasons we see mobile homes not selling on MLS is 1) they don’t qualify for bank finances, 2) They need to be moved (and also don’t qualify for bank financing) or 3) they simply aren’t getting the attention of the realtor that listed them. It takes a lot of energy to sell a mobile home. If you chose to use a realtor to sell your mobile home, make sure you understand the time and success rate for other homes that were similar to yours. We recommend asking a potential realtor those exact questions BEFORE signing an exclusive listing agreement! 

Mobile Bye Bye Does it All! We are a Brokerage & Also Cash Buyers!

Thankfully, Mobile Bye Bye is a licensed Broker and can ALSO list your home for sale on MLS along with a variety of other sites. We provide this to a select number of clients who have their home prepared to sell and have enough time to wait for the right buyer. 

Contact Us today to learn more about our brokerage services. 

Sell My Mobile Home to Mobile Bye Bye
Difficulty: 5 Time Needed: >7 days Cost: 0% commission $0 in fees

Selling a mobile home to Mobile Bye Bye is different. This is because we don’t charge commissions, we pay cash, we are professional, we buy mobile homes FAST, and we buy mobile homes AS-IS. These are just a few of the reasons owners love working with us and why our reputation is so high. We seek to provide win-win solutions to mobile home owners who need better and faster solutions to selling their mobile home. Some people have even called us the “CarMax” of mobile homes. We’ll let you make the judge!

Consider All Your Options

Regardless of your position, we encourage all mobile home owners who are considering the sale of their mobile home to get a free quote for their mobile home. It’s free to get and it’s another option for you to consider. Once you factor in the cost of renovating and making repairs, the fees associated with using a realtor, the costs associated with potentially holding a mobile home for months while you wait for it sell, the risks associated with selling yourself, and the emotional burden of waiting to see what the sale price might be, you may be surprised how much you could save by going with Mobile Bye Bye! 

For Cash Offers - We don't charge commissions. 

We aren’t realtors looking for a buyer, we are a professional investment company that buys mobile homes. 

For Mobile Home Cash Offers - We pay cash

We aren’t burdened with financing. We don’t use financing, we pay cash for mobile homes and use our own money to purchase!

We are professional. Period. Regardless if we Pay Cash for Your Mobile Home or Broker Your Mobile Home

We are professional mobile home buyers. We handle all the logistics of moving a mobile home that needs to be moved AFTER we buy it so the burden doesn’t fall on the seller. 

We buy mobile homes FAST

We close on mobile homes typically in 7-10 business days. That’s simply unheard of in the world of real estate transactions. Most realtors will take 7-10 business days just to get paperwork finalized and a listing posted on the MLS. By that time, you could have cash in your bank account and be free from your mobile home regardless of repairs needed! This brings us to yet another reason why it’s so easy to sell your mobile home to Mobile Bye Bye. 

We buy mobile homes AS-IS

This means you, mobile home owner, pay $0 in repairs. You pay $0 in staging fees. You pay $0 in closing costs. And you pay $0 in listings/staging fees. The only times you would need to pay additional fees is if there are unpaid taxes, liens, or judgements against the property, or if we agreed upon a fee being covered by the seller in our agreement. But nothing is hidden!

Want to know the "As-Is" price for your Mobile Home? Or Interested in our Brokerage Services? Submit an Inquiry below.

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