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Real Estate Agent Services for Mobile Homes

Real Estate Agent Services for Mobile Homes

In the past, there wasn’t a clear way to use a Real Estate Agent for Mobile homes. While many Real Estate companies come to mind for Single Family Homes like ReMax, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, etc, these Agents are rarely able to help sell a mobile home that’s personal property. There hasn’t been a good source for Real Estate Agent Services for Mobile Homes, until now!

When you use Mobile Bye Bye, you now have the option to use us as a Realtor or a Cash Buyer because we do both! Want to sell your home for cash? We can make you a hassle-free offer! Want to list your home for top-dollar in exchange for a small commission? We do that too! Because we are a licensed brokerage under the rules and regulations of TDHCA, we can legally broker homes between buyers and sellers, ensuring the transaction is legal, filed properly, and managed professionally.

Traditional Realtor vs TDHCA Broker

Manufactured Homes are different than traditional stick-built homes. Traditionally, when someone thinks of a “Realtor” they are thinking of a traditional stick-build home realtor who can assist buyers and sellers with single family homes, condos, etc. You may be tempted to think that a traditional realtor can also sell manufactured homes. But in the majority of the case selling a manufactured home is very different and most traditional Realtors are not experienced or knowledgeable and key areas of manufactured home transactions.

Manufactured home sales are so specific that they are actually regulated by a completely different entity called the Texas Department of Housing and consumer affairs or TDHCA. This is different than the organization TREC, which regulates traditional Realtors. 

Not only are manufactured homes different than traditional homes but the way they are transacted is also different. For example traditional homes typically are sold using title companies. But title companies do not transact manufactured homes that are not attached to land. So if you’re home is located in a mobile home community, on rented land, or designated as personal property, you will need different Services than those offered by a title company. Thankfully, in most cases, Mobile Bye Bye is able to transact homes and step in where title companies are unable to.

So in short, when it comes to selling a manufactured home make sure you are using a licensed broker through TDHCA. If you are unsure if the broker’s license you can ask them to see a copy of their license number. You can see Mobile Bye Bye’s license number at the bottom of this page!

Always Use a TDHCA Licensed Broker in Texas

Common Questions about using a Real Estate Agent for Mobile Homes

  1. Is it better to sell my mobile home for cash or use a Realtor? It really depends. There are typically tradeoffs that must be considered including overall price, time on market, steps required to sell, and overall amount of work. In general, if you have enough time and if your home is newer, it might be better to sell with a Realtor who can get top market prices for your home. If your home has a lot of repairs needed, it may be better to sell for cash. 

  2. Do I have to use a Realtor to sell my Mobile Home? Absolutely not. This is just one of many options you have at your disposal. At Mobile Bye Bye, we aren’t trying to sway you one way or another. We are providing sensible options that help our customers decide what’s best for them. 

  3. How much is your commission? We charge a flat rate commission based on the type of home you have, selling price, and complexity. For example, if your home is in a park and listed at a decent price, we may charge our standard rate. However, if your home needs to be moved, has other complexities, and needs a lot of repairs that need to be addressed, we may charge a higher rate or consulting fee. 

  4. Do you help with title work? Yes, in most cases, we are able to help ensure title transfer is done property through TDHCA. In certain cases, we may refer you to a title company if the property it attached to land or deemed Real Property. 

  5. Will I get more money selling with a Realtor? It’s possible but not guaranteed. Similar to our answer to question 1, if you have enough time and if your home is newer, it might be better to sell with a Realtor who can get top market prices for your home. If your home has a lot of repairs needed, it may be better to sell for cash. 



In summary, using a realtor to sell a mobile home in Texas offers various benefits, such as their market expertise, negotiation skills, and marketing resources.  However, it comes with a cost in terms of commission fees and potential expenses. It also requires you to relinquish some control over the sales process. Ultimately, the decision to use a realtor should be based on your specific needs, priorities, and the urgency of the sale. 

Using a Realtor is just one of the ways to sell your mobile homeIf you have the time and expertise to handle the process yourself, you may opt for a “For Sale By Owner” approach. However, if you value professional assistance and a smoother, more efficient process, hiring a realtor might be the right choice for you. It’s essential to carefully weigh the pros and cons and consult with a local real estate professional to make an informed decision. 

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