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5 Risks of Selling Your Mobile Home FSBO in Texas

Just put a sign out in your yard and wait for the phone to right! Couldn’t be easier to sell your mobile home “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO), right? If it were only that simple. 

Those who’ve tried selling a mobile home FSBO can attest, it’s much more time consuming and challenging than it seems to list a mobile home on your own. 

There are many challenges to selling your Mobile Home but we cover 5 Risks of Selling Your Mobile Home FSBO in Texas below. 


Pricing a mobile home is very different than pricing a traditional home. Many of the factors are the same such as condition, location, comparable homes, and market condition. But there are some very unique factors that effect the price of a mobile home such as park or land dynamics and if the mobile home needs moved. 

The most important question to ask when pricing a mobile home? “Does your mobile home need moved?” This will greatly change the price you can expect to get when selling a mobile home and is the question we find many owners find challenging. 

We cover the 3 main components of pricing your mobile home in our blog “How much can I sell my mobile home for?” 


The most important question to ask when pricing a mobile home? “Does your mobile home need moved?”

Dealing with Buyers

The only way you can sell your Mobile Home is if a Buyer agrees to pay you money and actually follows through on closing day. If you find a buyer for your mobile home, that’s great! But the reality is in order to find that right buyer, you will likely have to talk to dozens of wrong buyers. Wrong buyers waste your time and energy so its important you filter the wrong buyers out as quickly as possible so you don’t waste time and worse, overlook the right buyer!

Finding Buyers

Assuming you’ve priced your mobile home right, you will now need to find a buyer. Putting a sign out in your yard is an obvious first step. But it only markets to people driving past your home or your neighbors who already have a home. So you’ll want to post other places like craigslist, online marketplaces, or mobile home FSBO sites. Some of these sites are better than others. If you post correctly, you will hopefully start getting inquires. But often, this step is more challenging than it seems. Many sites don’t have enough traffic or are marketing to “wrong” buyers who are out of state. 

Responding to Buyers

Your phone is ringing with potential buyers asking questions about your home. This is great right!?! But now what? How do you respond to them and what to you tell them to do? How do you qualify a buyer? How do you ensure they have the funds and are serious about buying your home? How do you deal with a buyer who seems interested but then stops calling? There’s no easy playbook here. When you are selling a home FSBO, it doesn’t make sense to spend money on expensive software to track and communicate with buyers or to pay for a receptionist to answer your phone. It’s up to you and it’s a lot of work. 

Negotiating with Buyers

This step is potentially the most important. Assuming you’ve gotten this far and have been able to prepare your home to list, set the right price, marketed your property correctly, attracted and qualified buyers, and now have an offer, you are now ready to negotiate with a buyer. This comes naturally to some people but most of us don’t like negotiating. It’s awkward, emotional, and dynamic. When you sell to Mobile Bye Bye, you don’t have to negotiate because our offers are cash offers to purchase your property “as-is”. 

Selling a mobile home on your own takes time and all the costs associated with holding the property that long add up. It’s important to factor those costs in to your budget.


It takes time to sell your mobile home FSBO in Texas. Even if you do everything right, there’s no guarantee a buyer will go through the entire process of seeing your marketing, seeing your home, agreeing on a price, making an offer, getting approved by their bank, getting park approval (if applicable), and then showing up to closing and actually purchasing your home. There are so many steps where this breaks down and unfortunately, when selling a mobile home on your own “For Sale By Owner” or through a realtor, this scenario is pretty common and will eat up a lot of time.

If you are not in a hurry to sell your mobile home, this may not be a factor. If you have 6 to 9 months to sell your home, and are retired and want to sell your home yourself, then it may be a very viable option to sell your mobile home yourself! 

However, if you don’t have the time and need to sell your home fast, or simply don’t want all the headaches of selling your mobile home FSBO, you can Get a Cash Offer from Mobile Bye Bye today. 


Selling a home is a very emotional task. It’s where you’ve lived, maybe where you’ve grown up or raised your kids. There can be years and years of memories attached to your home. Plus, the money that it took to build up your investment was also an emotional sacrifice. So not only are emotions tied to the property itself, emotions are tied to the investment of time and money the property stands for. This is something that is rarely acknowledged in the world of Real Estate. But at Mobile Bye Bye, we understand this and take great care to not only acknowledge this but seek to create additional space to care for our clients during the entire selling journey. 

When you sell your mobile home FSBO in Texas, it’s important to realize you are taking on a lot of additional emotions which typically come in the form of stress. We have many sellers who contact us after they have attempted to sell their mobile home themselves and realized this the hard way. 

Mobile Bye Bye ELIMINATES Hidden Costs Day One!

Holding (and Hidden) Costs

Having your Mobile Home sit on the market and not sell is going to cost money. These costs can add up quickly and are often overlooked when considering selling a mobile home FSBO. Lot rent, taxes, mortgage/interest payments, water bills, electric bills, etc. Working with a professional buyer like Mobile Bye Bye eliminates these costs day one. When we buy your home all of your fees and holding costs associated with that get removed immediately. This is a hidden BONUS when selling through Mobile Bye Bye. 

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